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Virtual Aphasia Programs

ACO is offering virtual programs to people living with aphasia. Our virtual communication groups are offered via OnCall Health video conferencing. A group facilitator (Speech-Language Pathologist or Communicative Disorders Assistant) leads group discussion over a one-hour weekly session. Groups are always tailored to the individual needs of the participants in the group. Ongoing evaluation of communication is provided upon request by a Speech-language Pathologist. The groups offer a safe environment to explore communication strategies and discuss a variety of topics. Some examples include current events, personal activities and history, challenges and successes of living with aphasia. Virtual programs offer a great opportunity for connection and aim to eliminate isolation in a safe and accessible format.

Help is available for anyone who struggles with video conferencing technology. We also offer a lending library of tech devices for those who need. This program is also offered in French.

Virtual PPA Program

This program focuses on the unique challenges of families living with a recent diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). In some circumstances a neurologist may refer with symptoms under investigation. Initially, communication is the primary challenge for clients in this group. Participants with aphasia will participate in a virtual communication group. The program aims to maintain functional communication for the person with aphasia and their families for as long as possible. Due to the progressive nature of PPA we offer Social Work support with strategies and practical support for navigating the various stages of the disease. Education and workshops are offered, as well as support for families and caregivers living with PPA.


We offer a unique physiotherapy program that has been adapted to be aphasia-friendly. Our goal is to help people with aphasia and their families maintain a level of fitness to support activities of daily living. This program focuses on cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and functional strengthening. As part of our family-centered approach we encourage family members to also participate in their own fitness program. This program is also offered in French and to clients with other neurological conditions.

Individual Speech and Language Therapy

For members who wish to supplement their group therapy, we offer individual speech and language therapy. Therapy is supported by our Speech-Language Pathology Staff. Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDAs) work under the supervision of Speech Language Pathologists (S-LPs) to provide ongoing therapy for specific speech or language goals. Individual therapy goals are tailored to meet the member’s specific needs. Members can focus on a personal project like re-connecting with friends through writing or therapy could target the speech or language challenges that aphasia causes.