Crisis Intervention

ACO provides support for both long term needs and when a more sudden or unexpected crisis arises. We will provide crisis support if there is a sudden need, such as a caregiver becoming ill, family distress or other changes in circumstances.  Our members with aphasia, who cannot use the telephone, are told that we have call display. If they are not able to get their message across by phone a social worker will do a home visit within the next 24-48 hours. It is important to note that this support does not replace emergency calls to 911 for medical care.

Creation of Communication Books and Materials

Communication is key here at ACO. We strive to find a communication solution for every person with aphasia no matter what level of aphasia. Our Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDAs) assist members with aphasia to communicate as best they can with whatever amount of support they require. We individualize all communication materials to suit you and your family’s needs. Let one of our CDAs help you create a Life History Book for your loved one with aphasia.

Communicative Support for Doctor’s Visits

Sometimes the community can be difficult to navigate for people with aphasia. In certain circumstances we have accompanied clients to various appointments in the community for which they required support for communicating with various professionals.

Support and Advocacy

ACO integrates support and advocacy within our community-based programs. We recognize that people with aphasia are competent. At ACO we focus on your strengths, we advocate with you in the community. We begin our interventions with you here at ACO and support you to adapt to the challenges you experience while living with aphasia in the community.

We do this by strengthening relationships, first among your closest family and friends and also among our professional staff and members at ACO. We believe that confidence is an outcome of secure relationships, when you are confident you are better equipped to face life’s challenges.

We collaborate with other groups in the community to advocate for social justice for people with aphasia. Our aim is to increase the visibility of aphasia in the community and raise awareness of the challenges it can pose to daily life.



We are located in the west end of the city and our catchment area extends throughout the larger Ottawa region. Members access ACO via many different modes of transportation. Our Britannia location is easily accessible by public transit while our Merivale location offers parking free of cost. Some of our members are eligible for Para Transpo. We can help you complete a Para Transpo application, but you will need a health care professional, such as a physiotherapist or a physician to certify your application. Otherwise, if you are receiving ODSP you are eligible to receive coverage for medical transportation and our speech therapists can certify your attendance at ACO. Parking is free at both locations.