Board of Directors

Ken Peake, President

Ken was an economist in the Industry Department of the government from 1974 to 1990.  After he had three brain bleeds, Ken had an operation in August, 1990 in Toronto. Ken started with the Aphasia Centre in 1991 as a patient/client and now he is the President of the Board of Directors at ACO.  Ken also serves on the Board of Directors for Friends in Sportfishing, an organization that takes people with disabilities fishing.

Evan deCatanzaro, Treasurer

Evan is a proposal writer and assistant contract manager for a local National Defence supplier. He otherwise occupies his time as a zealous philonoist, cinephile, voracious traveler, history buff, connoisseur of arcane trivia, drinker of tea, serene suburbanite, bookworm, and aspiring debonair man of letters. He holds an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario, and B.A. in English Literature and Film Studies from Carleton University.

Patrick Moore, Director

Patrick grew up at parents’ tourist resort (Melwel Lodge) with a two-year older, developmentally challenged, sister. He is involved daily as Power of Attorney for Property and Care for his sister who is in assisted living in Blind River. He has one daughter who lives in Montreal. Patrick obtained his BSc in Business Administration from Michigan Technological University (1969). His vast experience includes, 1969 – 1972: Internal Operational Auditor for Glidden-Durkee, 1972 – 2020: Held administrative and finance/accounting positions in Ottawa. For 20 years (1968-1988) he was an active private pilot (U.S., then Canada). Patrick retired in 2020 after 20 years as Senior Corporate Officer of a local National Defence supplier.

Our Supporters


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