About ACO

Since 1990 ACO has been supporting the most vulnerable by providing unique community-based services in the Ottawa region.


We are a multidisciplinary team of dedicated clinicians working in a collaborative environment providing the best care possible.

Board of Directors

Members bring a variety of community experience to guiding the Aphasia Centre with continued success in long-term rehabilitation.


We believe that while living in the community, people with aphasia and their families deserve the opportunity to access aphasia-adapted professional and compassionate services as needed.

We believe that in order for people with aphasia to make known their needs there must be opportunities to engage with health care and social service providers through regular face to face contact.

We believe ACO provides an opportunity to help those who need it most, regardless of culture or socioeconomic background. Lack of access results in a larger cost to society as this population is at increased risk for social isolation, depression, family distress and aphasia-related abuse.

We believe that by providing opportunities for strengthening close relationships we enhance individual and family resilience. Our co-therapy model of intervention combining the expertise of speech-language therapists and social workers is essential to inclusive and caring delivery of services.

We believe that it is important to have opportunities for our client families to have input into ACO programs and to provide evaluation and feedback of our interventions.

We believe that providing opportunities for our professional staff to develop further excellence within their scope of practice and to have a multidisciplinary perspective is essential to providing the best care.

Our Supporters


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